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Making a positive impact through investments

Global Ethical Fund provides an investment option for individuals who value ultra-ethical principles in their wealth creation. The fund’s philosophy is based on creating a positive impact which integrates moral values and socio-economic justice. Its goals are not merely financial, but a balance between the material and spiritual need.

The fund aims to exclude all forms of economic activities which are morally and socially injurious. Such activities include, but are not limited to, producing manufacturing, or selling alcohol, tobacco, military goods, adult media, gambling and companies offering conventional financial services. It incorporates ethical foundations which are based on achieving prosperity and fair distribution of income and wealth amongst members, without negatively impacting society.

The fund also brings an added benefit to members by way of its qualitative advantage. This enables the fund to perform better during periods of financial stress and prolonged market volatility due to its strict filters on gearing, leverage, and debt.

Global Ethical Fund - Investing For Tomorrow

Start making a positive impact through investments

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