We are an Ultra Ethical Focused Fund Manager

Making a positive impact through investments.

Fund Overview

Making a positive impact through investments

Global Ethical Fund provides an investment option for individuals who value ultra-ethical principles in their wealth creation. The Fund seeks to achieve moderate capital and income appreciation over a medium to long term by investing in a diversified portfolio with multi-asset strategies.

The fund’s philosophy is based on creating a positive impact which integrates moral values and socio-economic justice. Its goals are not merely financial, but a balance between the material and spiritual need.

July 2017

Inception Date


Fund Size (as of 31/01/20)


Management Fee


Minimum Initial Investment




Entry/Exit Fees

20/20 bpts

Buy/Sell Spread

3-5 Years

Investment Horizon

The team behind the Global Ethical Fund

Eternal Asset Management is an ultra-ethical Australian based fund manager specializing in establishing and growing world-class Sharia compliant fund solutions.

The team at Eternal Asset Management offer boutique ethical advisory and investment services, along with providing expertise in Islamic jurisprudence, and in particular Islamic finance and investments.

Chairman of Investment Committee
Senior Portfolio Manager
Chief Operating Officer
Compliance and Ethical Officer
Senior Fund Analyst
Fund Analyst

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Sharia Compliance

Our world-class sharia compliance

Eternal Asset Management has developed its own proprietary Ultra-Ethical Code of Governance (UECG) which is a Sharia rule-based framework designed to be applied to the suite of Investment funds operating in partnership with Eternal Asset Management.

Our Approach

We take our screening process very seriously

Global Ethical Fund focuses on delivering an ethical, investment-grade product, that does not compromise on returns or ethical values.

Ethical investing offers investors the opportunity to avoid the companies whose activities they would not want to support, and invest in those operating within an ethical framework that reflects their own ethical and/or religious stance.

Here is a list of industries that we exclude from our investments.




Pig products


Riba (Interest)

Start making a positive impact through investments