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Positive Impact. Positive Return

GEF seeks to achieve moderate capital and income appreciation over a medium to long term by investing in a diversified portfolio with multi-asset strategies. The Fund aims to achieve CPI plus 3% (before fees) per annum.

We integrate moral values and socio-economic justice with a balance between the financial and spiritual need through incorporating ethical foundations across all investment decision making processes.

GEF provides an investment solution to investors seeking Sharia-compliant investing. We apply our asset management expertise, strict screening process, and in combination with the knowledge and advice of Sharia scholars to offer investors a Sharia-compliant portfolio.

We believe that the searching for the best investment opportunities should not be limited by borders. GEF provides investors with exposure to both domestic and international markets. We believe that investment risks can be reduced through adequate diversification.

GEF has a strong capital preservation element with zero exposure to highly geared and complex structures. We focus on value (i.e. discount to intrinsic value) and quality (i.e. businesses with healthy fundamentals and good earnings outlook) in the investment selection process.


Since Inception 15 July 2017 - 30 June 2018

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.


Unit Price - 1.0758

Fund Features

July 2017

Inception Date


Fund size


Management fee


Minimum initial investment

Re-investment at the initial stage



Entry/Exit fees

20/20 bpts

Buy/sell spread

3-5 Years

Investment horizon
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